APM Gehäusetechnik GmbH | Gehäusebau, Blechgehäuse, Gehäusetechnik in der Blechbearbeitung

The Company

A brief overview

We construct custom enclosures using all common types of thin sheet metal.

We emphasize personal guidance and assistance during the construction of your products. Sometimes you will find that not everything is doable or that doable projects are not cost-effective. There are often better solutions to fulfill your requirements. A seemingly insignificant detail, considered at the outset of a project will prevent costly retroactive changes.

Utilize our competence and years of experience in sheet metal fabrication and enclosure manufacturing.

What you can expect

  • Swift processing of your inquiries and free estimates
  • Cost effective prototype construction, even for complex projects
  • Timely order fulfillment
  • Procedural integrity, since all essential processing steps are performed in-house
  • Careful selection and evaluation of subcontractors
  • Assurance of specified and stipulated qualitative attributes such as EMI proofing, waterproofing to IP criteria or specialized surface finishes
  • Quality assurance throughout serial production, provided by our QA expert
  • Flexibility when dealing with changes or new developments
  • Swift and straightforward resolution of any grievances
  • Cost Optimization through special packaging and determination of the most costeffective shipping options