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Questions and Answers

What types of materials does APM utilize?

All common types of sheet metal such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel plate, including galvanized and hot-dipped
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper and brass

What gauges of metal does APM process?

  • Aluminum from 1mm to 4mm
  • Steel from 0.6mm to 12mm
  • Stainless steel from 0.6mm to 9mm
  • Copper from 1mm to 4mm

What types of surface finishing does APM offer?

  • Polished stainless steel surface
  • Stainless steel with glass bead blasted or sandblasted surface
  • Powder coating in all RAL colors, various degrees of gloss and structures
  • Anodized aluminum, various colors

Does APM also offer screen printing?

Yes. We have two modern CNC screen printing systems for single color and multicolored screen printing. The maximum print area is 700 x 300mm. We also have a manually operated screen printing table for large area prints (max: 800mm x 600mm).

Which types of protective techniques does APM offer?

  • EMC Shield (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Dust proofing and water proofing to IP standards (i.e: IP65 against dust ingress and high-pressure water jets)
  • Acid resistant surfaces
  • Shock and corrosion resistant enclosure surfaces

Can APM also perform partial mounting or partial assemblies of the enclosures?

Skilled employees assemble and mount our modules and enclosures. They place panes of plexiglas, bond foil keypads, install gaskets, hinges and locks. Or they can outfit the enclosures with electrical or electronic components, according to customer specifications.

Ask us!

How does APM guarantee procedural integrity?

Since 2004, we have consistently applied our quality control standards according to DIN ISO 9001 to all levels of production. This guarantees a high measure of security and accurate repetition, even after many years.

When is the best time to include the enclosure builder in the development process?

The earlier, the better! This is the only way to ensure that your design choices are factored in and to identify and avoid costly production processes from the outset.

What types of products can APM manufacture?

Complete sheet metal enclosures, sheet metal casings, industrial pc-enclosures, machine casings, custom-fit enclosures, industrial enclosures, enclosures for medical equipment, stainless steel enclosures, powder coated metal enclosures, stamped and punched sheet metal parts, laser cutting, electronics enclosures, electrical enclosures, etc.

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