Blach lasern - Laserschneiden
Blach lasern - Laserschneiden

Services provided

Laser Cutting

The top benefits of laser cutting are efficiency and a maximum of versatility during sheet metal fabrication. Almost all materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or standardized steel sheets can be processed with unprecedented precision.

Our AMADA-LC ALPHA IV - Laser cutter guarantees maximum productivity and optimal manufacturing quality. The laser optics make any tool change obsolete and thereby make the machine extremely economical. Short punch times and high processing and cutting speeds combine for outstanding product quality.

An automatic uploading and unloading station for the metals optimizes the performance of the laser cutter and allows for un-manned operation of the machine.

Programming of the laser is performed at up-to-date CAD work stations. All current data formats can be processed, i.e. SolidWorks, SheetWorks, Linea5, Metaldesigner, Production Designer.

Technical Data

Laser output: 4000 W
Working range
X-Achse:      3000mm
Y-axis:      1500mm

Maximum Material Thickness

Steel Sheet:    12mm                    
Stainless Steel::     10mm
Aluminium:     8mm